Getting Started on CrowdFlower - An Overview to Building a Job

The CrowdFlower platform supports many different use cases, such as sentiment analysis, improving search relevance, and content moderation. Before you begin applying your use case to the CrowdFlower platform, we provided some tips and tricks to help you create a successful job that will yield high quality results. Keep reading for more information on how to get started on CrowdFlower!

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Getting Started on the CrowdFlower Platform

Need some ideas for how to get started on CrowdFlower? We have some examples of ideal crowdsourcing jobs for some inspiration. Already have an idea for a job but curious about how the platform works? We have a video tutorials that will lead you through building a job!

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Adding Your Data

Uploading data should not be a hassle! Just remember to format your data before uploading it on the data page.

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Building a Job

Now that you are familiar with CrowdFlower and how it works, you will probably want to begin building your own job. CrowdFlower offers job templates that you can customize to your needs. You will need to know a bit about CrowdFlower's custom markup language, CML, if you would like to customize your job and add questions. You can also include CML field validators to make sure the inputs are entered correctly, and logic to hide or show certain questions. In addition, having useful instructions in your job will help the contributors to understand your task better.

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Customize and Add More Features to a Job

Want to customize your job further? We have integrated our platform with Twitter Bootstrap so you can easily customize and design your job. We also have some guides for features such as JQuery popovers and a CSS hover zoom feature. You can even customize a CrowdFlower validator according to your needs.

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