Team Management

The CrowdFlower Platform allows teams to collaborate on jobs between multiple accounts. The following article describes all of the team functionality in the CrowdFlower Platform.

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Team Management

Fig. 1: Team Management Page

  1. Team Admins may invite as many member to their team as they wish. To do so, enter an email address of the team member you would like to add to your team. CrowdFlower will send an email containing a unique token to that user and instructions on how to join. Invitees may be new or existing users.
  2. Team Admins may resend pending invitations, set permissions, and remove members at any time.
  3. Any member may add funds to a teams’ account.
  4. Team Admins may view jobs and job costs associated with the team (more below).

Job History

Fig. 2: Team Job Costs Page

This view can be accessed by clicking the "View Job Costs" on the account page.

  1. Team Admins can view their team's launched jobs and costs accrued within any given month.
  2. They can download a PDF of jobs for a given month.
  3. They can download a CSV of jobs for a given month.

Note: that a job's cost may span more than one month.

Team Job Settings

Fig. 3: Team Job Settings

  1. Team members can share jobs with their team or set them to private
    • All launched jobs are automatically shared with a team
  2. Members may also add a job to a Project (explained below)


Jobs Overview Page

Fig. 4: Team Jobs Overview

Team members may take the following actions:

      1. Job Search
        • "Search Options" gives you the ability to search based on Tags, Title, Job Number, Owner, Instructions, CML, Alias, Team Visibility, and Created Date.
      2. Filter by Job State
        • All Jobs, Not Ordered, Running, Paused, Canceled, Finished
      3. Filter by Project
        • A project is an arbitrary name that can be used to group jobs by, report on (in the job costs table), and filter by.
      4. Bulk add to Tag and Project (checkbox)
        • A tag should be used to capture any arbitrary metadata about jobs. For example: You may want to tag "Production", or "Testing" for jobs within one or more projects. Note that CF does not support reporting by tag.

Job Search Options (Item #1)

Fig. 5: Job Search Options

Bulk Actions (Item #4)

Fig. 6: Bulk Actions


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Job Archival

Jobs that have not collected judgements in the past 12 months are archived and put into an 'Archived' state’.

CrowdFlower generates full verbose reports for all archived jobs; the report contains individual reports with input data, test questions, and judgments.

  • Aggregated verbose report
  • Full verbose report
  • Gold verbose report
  • JSON verbose report
  • Source verbose report
  • Workset verbose report

You can obtain access to the full report by contacting support at with the job ID.

When a job is archived, CML, instructions and settings are preserved. To order more rows, you can copy the archived job without rows, upload data and launch the new job.

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