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You're creating a job and you're wondering what is the best way to message your instructions. In this article, you will learn how to create instructions for the best contributor experience and the most accurate data collection possible.

We had a fun competition here at CrowdFlower to help us figure out how to best write our job instructions. We had all of our teams create a different set of instructions for the same job and then launched them to a core group of CrowdFlower contributors. The crowd decided that our Business Data team had the best instructions. We've used their instructions and the crowd's feedback to standardize an instructions template for our jobs - and now it's time for us to share the template with you.

Here is a screenshot of the instructions template:

Fig. 1: Instructions Template

We recommend using the sections suggested in the screenshot:


Give the 'what' and 'why' of a task in less than 200 characters. The overview should give a clear high-level picture of what a worker will be doing and why what they are doing is valuable.


Describe the process by which workers will complete the task. This should be a discrete list of steps to use to complete the task. Each step should begin with an action verb in bold.

Rules and Tips

Use green headers for positive/"Do This", yellow for warning/"Be Careful Of", red for bad/"Do Not"


Provide at least three examples of your job to contributors. This will help them perform better on the job.

Thank you!

Our contributors really appreciate a customized thank you note!


The commented HTML code for the instructions template can be found as an attachment to this article. We highly recommend using them to get the best results from the crowd.

Also attached is a commented Markdown version of the instructions template. This should be used for those that do not want to work in HTML.

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